In the end of March, i first met Duong and Ngoc to disscuss about our trip.

They wanted their wedding day to be relaxed, fun and somewhere in nature, so they dicided to choose Bali, indonesia to celebrate their intimate elopement wedding.

The first shooting day was at Tegalalance rice terrace. The Tegalalang rice terrace near Ubud is the most famous rice fields in Bali. We visited this place in a early moring to catch the sunrise and witness the light rays break through the trees in this tranquil setting. How amazing it was to see your girl, the first times in a wedding dress at this place. It could melt your heart.

As far as waterfalls go, Bali is waterfall heaven. There are a number of hidden Bali waterfalls waiting to be discovered, although Nung Nung waterfall in particular is a favourite amongst tourists.

The pathway is made up of concrete stairs and take 15 minute to trek down and more 30 minute to go up. It would be the hardest thing ever on the earth for us in the last step but totally worth it.

Duong & Ngoc shared their vow here, in a gorgeous and epic scenery. Duong said that “ The epic scenery and the emotional voice of my girl, when she’s sharing her love, make my heart beat jumps over the place, I almost crying like a child when she just start her vow”.

Five days toghether and it was a pleasure going on an adventure with this cute couple and their friends and it’s a day that I ’ll never forget.

Let 's see our adventure below to share the emotion with us.

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